Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kristin, 18"x14", oil on board

At the beginning of the session when I surveyed the pose, I was drawn to the strong diagonal line of Kristin's hair across the forehead. After establishing the hairline and the simple boundaries of the head, I moved on to colors without much of drawing. To go in tandem with the heavy texture and the brush strokes of the board I prepared and pre-toned, I began the painting by laying down generous chunks of various colors in a very direct manner, almost like putting together a mosaic. Only at the last stage, did I smooth the transitions of the planes of the head, being careful not to blend excessively.
Aron, 18"x14" oil on linen

Aron is an assistant registrar at the Academy who does much of his work behind the scenes.

Aware of the ruddy complexion in his face, I pre-toned a canvas with greenish blue to set his face off with strong color contrast.

I didn't plan to, but I painted from the shadow side of his face. The dominant shadow pattern, the frontal pose in a black shirt, the dark and slightly unkempt hair, and the mustache he's been sporting recently all combined to give the painting a bit of a sinister expression.