Sunday, October 4, 2009

It was my turn to pose this week. During the first break, Marcie suggested she take some pictures of me posing.
So here is the proof that I paid my due–for the third time since we started the club 3 years ago.

First session of fall term.
In fall, we are meeting every Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 8:30. Though they can not participate in every session, 16 plus students, including 3 alumni and 2 freshmen students who never painted in oil before, signed up to paint.

It's now the 3rd year we have been painting late after school.

Tatiana, 18"x14", oil on linen

Tatiana has been eager to pose for the club during summer term but her turn had to be put off till fall because of her summer work schedule.

Tatiana's skin color was challenging and interesting to paint. There were much of deep yellow ochre-ish color that seemed to be blended with subtle shades of red. Her massive curly hair was also interesting to paint. I tried to emphasize the general pattern of the hair without making it a distracting element in the painting.

There were much more brilliant highlights on her forehead, cheek and the side of the nose. I downplayed them in favor of preserving the colors on her face.