Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ed, 16"x12" oil on linen

This week, Ed volunteered to pose for the group in place of Vinnie, who posed last week.

I stretched a canvas from a new roll of Claessens Type 880, Medium Rough Texture linen that I just bought. It's a rather heavy and rough-textured canvas compared to my usual taste, but I needed a heavy canvas for a large painting I am currently working on, and I wanted to test out its surface quality before I stretch it for the large project.

Unlike Vinnie last week, Ed presented with quite clear planar distinctions of his head structure– more sculptural appearance without the free-flowing locks of hair everywhere, which can be somewhat distracting. Painting Vinnie with all that hair was fun, but it is also a pleasure to paint a head that shows the distinctive structure of the underlying form.

I pulled back the spotlight slightly away from Ed in order to avoid any disturbingly strong highlights on his head. A spotlight can never match the soft natural light, but I wanted to make it as close as I could.

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