Saturday, May 31, 2008

When the Spring term ended, I wanted to continue the painting sessions through the Summer if there would be enough participation by the students. To my pleasant surprise, 11 students signed up for it! So here we are, painting on!

The major challenge in my part turned out to be coordinating around everyone's class/work/vacation schedule, including mine. So, for the Summer, it will be Wednesday/Friday Painting Club. We will be painting each other on Wednesday mornings. I am lobbying to get the faculty and staff members to pose for us on Friday afternoons.

Steven, 18"x16", oil on linen

It is so nice to paint people with different skin colors, especially people with deep, dark skin, where there is so much color coming out of it that it can easily be overwhelming. The dark tone of Steven's skin and the cool lights on his face were such a delight to paint.
Overall, I like the outcome of this painting: it seems to reflect Steven's quiet and gentle demeanor while still showing the presence of mass of his head.

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