Monday, June 30, 2008

Lou Ann, 20"x16" oil on linen

Lou Ann, our guest model for this week, brought with her a couple of scarves to the session, one with multiple blue and red patterns, and the other a simple one of 2 blues. I chose the simpler one and asked her to do something with it on her hair instead of wearing it around her neck. She simply wrapped it around her hair and let the end of it hang in front of her right shoulder.

One thing that is hard to avoid noticing when looking at Lou Ann's face is the brilliant sparkle in her eyes, which I thought was aptly complimented by the bright blues of the scarf. I wanted to express the youthful liveliness of her face in the painting.

I thought the light blue of the scarf could be obtained with cerulean blue, but I didn't have a tube of cerulean blue with me. So I used a mix of cobalt blue and viridian instead to make do.

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