Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Al, 20"x16", oil on board
Collection of Mr. Alan Luc

Al is Carol Luc's husband, himself a long-time veteran in the creative field as an art director.

From the very first time I met him a number of years ago, I thought Al's face, with his silvery hair, would be interesting to paint. So I've been asking Carol to pose him for us quite some time, but with his busy schedule, it wasn't until this summer that he could finally pose for the club.

I found the red skin tone in his face quite vibrant and lively, especially in contrast with his shiny hair. Looking back, for some reason, I treated the temperature on his face more warmly than it was. Maybe it was because of the cool blue background.

Al turned out looking serious in the painting, unlike his actual personality. I think it's a shame we couldn't paint him in a smile, because I have always thought that Al has a very warm smile that represents his very personable character.


thotlady said...

Do you suggest facial expression before you begin the paintings?


If your question is whether I suggest to a sitter to make certain facial expression, then the answer is no.
If I work with a professional model with certain theme of the painting in mind, then I would ask him/her to "act" whatever the expression that I am looking for the painting.