Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kristina Knowski, 14"x11", oil on linen

I haven't painted a frontal view for some time, so I decided to paint Kristina facing straight on.

For some reason, in the beginning of the session, I saw much greenish-grey on Kristina's nose, where in most cases there would be mostly reds of differing temperature and intensity.

I went with what I saw and laid down thin washes of muted green across her nose in the beginning.

As time passed, I noticed her face started taking on more usual redness on her nose and cheek. I think it had to do with my classroom being noticeably warm lately, which a building engineer corrected a few days later.

It's a plain and simple straight view painting with an uncomplicated background and shows a certain look of nervousness of hers, which I’ve noticed when she talks to teachers, including myself. I think it comes from her cautious personality and sense of respect.

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