Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of the semester group critique and pizza party:
Spring 2011

Many paintings, diverse characters and styles.

We began with James.

James invited his father for an experience and to show his progress. Hope he wasn't nervous talking about his paintings in front of him.

Alex Velazquez; In this term, Alex painted a number of small studies. With the name like his, he'd better produce some excellent paintings.

Nicolas Martinez

Marcie commenting on one of Nicolas's paintings.

Though he started out a bit nervous, Nicolas's soon relaxed and brought some laughters to the group…

…Including to Sherine, one of our guest models for the semester. Joyce couldn't participate due to her travel schedule.

Jacob Sanders

Rachel talking about Jacob's paintings.

Dana making some funny comments about Jacob's paintings.

Rachel Stukenberg; Rachel posed for the group in the previous semester without painting with us.
This semester she started participating in the session as well.

Matt Clymore

Jacob commenting on Matt's paintings.

Dana Olson

Marcie's turn, before she had to make an early exit to run some errands.

Next to the last, Adam's turn

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