Saturday, October 15, 2011

Joyce, 18"x14"", oil on linen

Joyce is an Academy's Administrative Assistant who's been working 'behind the scene' for many years overseeing many administrative responsibilities. Also, she is the person who arranges for us our end-of-semester pizzas and refreshments.

She's been a bit shy about posing for us when I invited her to pose for us for some time. But finally, with the encouragement of other staff members who have posed, she decided to sit for a session.

When I surveyed her pose in the beginning of the session,
I noticed much green in her blond hair so I decided to put a red drapery for contrast. I also wanted to create a graceful flow of movement with her long hair. Looking back, I should have painted the top and back of her hair darker and softened the contrast against the background.

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