Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joel Pace, 20"x16", oil on linen

Joel was the first of the three guest models for the summer.
During his long tenure at the Academy, Joel has been wearing many different hats at the Academy; currently a chairperson of the Foundations Department.

Joel was very unique in posing for us in that, while others were alert at the beginning of the posing and slowly slumped as they became fatigued, Joel struggled very hard to stay awake in the first hour of the session and became very alert since. I think it threw us off a bit in the beginning.
Earlier in the day I saw him in a light green t-shirt so I set the background with a dark red/purple drapery for contrast.

A few days later when Joel came to my classroom to see the finished painting, he commented that the painting looked somewhat like her mother. I joked to him that I paint the DNA of a person not just the superficial likeness.

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