Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marcia Thomas, 16" x 12", oil on linen

Marcia is Academy's registrar who's been with the Academy many years. She is also Tony's better half.

This was her second time posing for the club. In the first session, she posed without her glasses. Because I recognize her more with her glasses on in the first painting I think I focused more with capturing a likeness that I could recognize.

This time, she kept her glasses on but also wore her winter hat. Wearing the hat gave her a quite different look that I wasn't familiar with. I think that freed me from being drawn into going after her likeness in this painting. Along with that, I decided to ignore the actual flat drapery behind her and make up a color pattern that would enhance the colors on her face. Also unlike the first painting, I "pushed" the colors a bit (mostly bright purples and blues) to add more lively feel to the painting.

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