Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kristin Mount, 12" x 12", oil on linen

Kristin is a medical illustrator who teaches Anatomy and Digital Illustration.

She had already posed twice as a guest model, but this time she posed as a member of the club, planning to be on the other side of the easel with us often.

Continuing with the square format and the exaggerated color schemes of the previous weeks, I cut the 12"x12" linen and decided to load up some intense colors in this painting. Sometimes I like to have fun of pushing the boundaries of the colors I see and give myself a challenge of interpreting them in a way that will be harmonious while still convincingly capturing the personality of the sitter. Sometimes it works; sometimes I struggle to draw some valuable lessons from it.

Overall, I think the color scheme worked out in this painting. It was the treatment of edges that I should have been more careful about. I think I was having so much fun and got carried away in giving her a bit of a wilder hairstyle than she actually has.


Kristin M. said...

Key words: PLANNING to be.


Oh, YES you will, Kristin. ;-)